Jean Baptiste Kattié in Naïrobi during the GES Summit 2015 Kenya
Copyright: Jean Baptiste Kattié

It’s little bit tough to talk about yourself. lol. Humm…. what can I say about me? My name is Jean Baptiste Kattié Andrédou. I’m from Côte d’Ivoire ( kt dɨˈvwɑr) . Côte d’Ivoire is a  French speaking country in West Africa. 

I’m currently living in Dakar ( Senegal) where I’m working for Africa Outsourcing as Business Development Consultant and I’m also preparing my MBA in Administration and Management in one of the prestigious and famous Business School in West Africa , CESAG.

I can say that I have a quite atypical professional experience. Because I worked for Amazon during 2 years in India (Hyderabad) as seller support and then I got an Internship with United Nations Office for the coordination of Human Affairs (UNOCHA).

Passionate by Africa, I have decided to create a digital Agency specialized in Social Marketing that I will launch very soon. So, yes, I can say that I’m really now a Social Entrepreneur. Because Africa is my passion !